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Fujitsu Air Conditioners

Comfort for all seasons. A smart, durable design makes this air conditioner one of the best options for staying comfortable inside.s a chance to highlight the unique and valuable aspects that differentiate you from the competition.
2-year labor warranty | 10-year parts warranty | 10-year compressor warranty

Durable Construction

A composite base pan establishes the foundation for durability and mitigates rust. Full louver coil guards protect the robust copper tube/aluminum fin condenser coil. A reliable scroll compressor ensures years of comfort and worry-free operation, and an appliance grade paint system is attractive and protects your home comfort system for years to come.

Quiet & Efficient

Several features contribute to quiet operation. The composite base pan dampens vibration and acts as a noise isolation system. The scroll compressor uses less moving parts to minimize sound. The unit’s sheet metal is heavy-gauge and mitigates sound harmonics. The condenser fan motor operates at lower speeds and is enclosed in a deep fan shroud venturi system. The overall result is sound as quiet as your dishwasher.

Basic Fujitsu AC

Curb Appeal

Your Fujitsu air conditioner will look great for many years thanks to the powder coat paint system that provides a lasting professional finish. The neutral gray color, along with an overall compact size, complements home finishes and landscape designs.

Count on Staying Comfortable in Every Season

A smart, efficient design makes Fujitsu air conditioners one of your best options for staying comfortable inside. Each unit includes a generous list of features that work together to bring you quiet, efficient, and reliable indoor comfort.


Standard On All Models

Starts with the smart new composite base pan. The design helps eliminate corrosion and adds to quieter performance. Extensive UV testing was done to ensure that the base pan stays black for years to come. Enhanced mufflers and improved refrigerant tubing design also contribute to a quieter, more reliable operation.

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